Ways of Developing Research Skills

Ways of Developing Research Skills was a contest / Quiz conducted by the Scientific Research Committee (English Department), College of Administration and Humanities. On 11th Nov, 2021 for the students. The purpose of the contest was to develop awareness of being able to write a research title and abstract on the topics provided. Apart from this a quiz too was conducted on parts of research paper. Intended outcome was that

  • the ability to gather information about the topic, review on given information and analyze and interpret the information in a manner that brings to a desired result.
  • Skill of conducting research build knowledge, think critically and exercise students mind.
  • A skill that benefits students beyond their academic life and enables to understand the world around them better.
  • Students learn that the real world is competitive while participating.

The contest exhibited enthusiastic participants who were keen to test their cognitive skills. Although the girls performed better than the boys demonstrating their critical thinking ability.

Workshop, “Publication and Citation Rate Improvement”

The Scientific research committee (English Department), College of Administration and Humanities conducted a Faculty Development Workshop, “Publication and Citation Rate Improvement” on 20th Oct 2021. The aim of the workshop was to help budding and mid-career researchers to learn effective publishing strategies to achieve the goals of getting their articles published in the appropriate journals to reach the right audience and be communicated clearly to have impact in the field. Publishing a quality paper in highly indexed scientific journals is only halfway towards receiving citation in the near future The remaining journey is grounded on disseminating the publications by the application of the right “Research Tools”, which allow the researchers to increase the research impact and citations for their publications. The intended outcome of the workshop was

  • the importance of publishing to build international reputation and establishing international collaborations.
  • issues related to ethical conduct in both research and writing.
  • strategies to make the writing process more efficient and review the Parts of Research paper
  • to improve the chances of the paper to be downloaded and read by others in the field. Of interest.
  • strategies to identify the best journal, as well as to improve the suitability of the manuscript for a particular journal.

The speakers shared their experiences along with giving the guidance to the budding researchers.  Also highlighting the importance of indigenous research. English language, publication ethics and above all plagiarism.