Business Administration Department offers three tracks, namely Financial Management, Accounting, and Human Resources Management. The Department adopts an integrated strategic plan that supports distinguished scientific and research production, within the framework of a stimulating organizational culture that fosters innovation in various fields. The Department also seeks, with its distinguished scientific and research competent staff, to achieve its mission in providing qualitative education and solid research in its various specialties. Additionally, it provides consultations and studies through various administrative and financial specialties.


  • Graduating qualified cadres who are able to compete in the labor market,  inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Continuous improvement in the quality of the educational process by developing strategic plans and keeping on following them up.
  • Contributing to preparing researchers in various fields of business administration, who have thinking and innovation skills, and enabling them to contributing solving problems related to these fields.
  • Meeting the needs of the labor market with professionals in business administration.
  • Enhancing faculty members’ competence through providing continuous training.
  • Supporting faculty members in the fields of research and social participation.


In the light of commitment to the values of the Islamic religion, Mustaqbal University, and College of Administration and Humanities, Department of Business Administration adopts the following values:

Quality: We are committed to mastering inputs, processes, and outputs.

Honesty: We carry out our work with dedication and sincerity in line with professional ethics.

Transparency: We are committed to the highest levels of disclosure, integrity, and accountability within the framework of institutional governance.

Teamwork: We do our work as one team.

Innovation: We promote creative thinking, creative spirit, in thought and outcomes.

Continuing education: We support education and continuous development inside and outside the university.

Development: We believe in the need for improvement in all areas and at all levels.


National Excellence in business education, providing specialized consultations according to the highest quality standards. 


Preparing national cadres able to meet the requirements of the labor market, and providing applied research that meets the needs of society.