About Research Unit

Research Objectives

  • Activating interest in the second task of the university: research
  • Achieving a high degree of quality and accreditation, according to national and international requirements
  • Improving the efficiency of faculty and students to achieve quality and future excellence
  • Supporting the distinguished competencies of faculty and students by setting rewards for research excellence
  • Encouraging faculty members to do research so that faculty members continue to do research and be promoted academically. They should be encouraged to obtain high academic degrees
  • Preparing and setting priorities for research in the college


Research Committee Tasks

  • Participating in preparing strategic plans and organizational regulations for research at the college
  • Suggesting and discussing submitted topics of research, and proposing appropriate support for that
  • Studying research projects that are requested from outside the College and choosing the faculty members, College of Administration and Humanities, who are suitable to carry out the projects
  • Preparing a list of the completed researches, and researches in progress, for faculty members, and this list is updated annually
  • Preparing a periodic list of research supported by the College
  • Preparing a list of peer-reviewed journals and reviewers for using them in disseminating research by faculty and students
  • Assisting graduate students who are required to prepare research, and suggest research topics for them, as well as publishing distinguished research
  • Proposing to provide financial support (according to the status of the College) for distinguished research of faculty and students
  • Calculating indicators of research performance
  • Preparing research reports and submitting them to the College Deanship

Unit Manager

Omar Abdalla Elmshekah


A distinct unit in the fields of research, supporting local and national sustainable developme


Developing research capabilities, and enhancing research environment that encourages outstanding research work, in all fields of research in order to achieve the goals of the college; by using modern methods and techniques that enhance cooperation and partnership nationally and internationally.