Mustaqbal University commemorated the inaugural Foundation Day of the Saudi State

Mustaqbal University commemorated the anniversary of the establishment of the first Saudi state with a celebration filled with pride and honor. The event, sponsored by the university’s president, was attended by university leaders, staff, and students, showcasing the spirit of patriotism and belonging. The university was decorated with the colors of the Saudi flag on this special day, reminding everyone of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s profound history and cultural heritage.

On the morning of the celebration day, a poetic event was hosted, brightened by the poet Mr. Mubarak Abdullah Al-Muhaimid with his patriotic verses honoring the love for the country. Also, a number of students contributed with their patriotic poems, injecting energy and enthusiasm into the event.

On this occasion, the university welcomed businessman Mr. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, who delivered an inspiring speech highlighting the important role students play in driving progress and development in the country. The speaker emphasized the significance of maintaining national accomplishments, highlighting the crucial role of youth in advancing progress and achieving the country’s future goals. Al-Tuwaijri encouraged students to fully utilize their resources and abilities to actively contribute to the progress and success of their community.

Furthermore, the event featured a cultural competition that showcased the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the goal of increasing understanding of its diverse heritage.

At the conclusion of the event, the university president shared immense pride and respect for the rich history of Saudi Arabia, spanning over three centuries. He commended its accomplishments and glories, emphasizing the strong unity between the leadership and the citizens as a pillar of strength and stability for the nation. He ended his address with a prayer for Allah to continue blessing the country with security and safety, safeguard its wise leadership and precious people, and shield the nation from all harm.