Welcome to Department of English! We are pleased to welcome you to Department of the English, hoping that you will find what you want to know about the Department, its mission, goals, values ​​and programs. There is no doubt that English is one of the most important languages ​​in today’s world because it is the language of science and technology. It is an essential requirement for all branches of knowledge and the labor market. In this sense, language learning is a key factor in making an individual an active player in the well-being of his/her community and nation. Department of English includes a number of faculty members with expertise in teaching and publishing research. They come from various nationalities and diverse cultures in both sections of the Department: male and female.

   The Department seeks to provide an opportunity for students to be well-equipped in an academic and scientific atmosphere that lives up to their expectations and aspirations in line with the university’s goals and the needs of the labor market. The Department also strives to continuously develop its educational curricula to keep abreast of latest developments; its decisions are subject to scientific review and audit in order to reach the highest standards of quality and excellence. Thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the design and development of this website, and welcome to the visitors of Department of English website. I hope they will find useful and enjoyable.

In conclusion, we hope that this website enriches all visitors with useful information about the Department, its programs, staff, and research and cultural activities.


 Create a student proficient in the skills of reading, writing, and speaking in English.

 Improving students’ Knowledge, experience and abilities in pedagogy and methods of teaching.

 Providing students with the necessary skills in the preparation of teaching and lesson plans as well as the preparation and evaluation of language tests.

 Study the theories and hypotheses of Linguistics with the ability to analyze, compare and apply.

Study translation theories and master its different fields

 Strengthening the cooperation and partnership with local, national and international institutions through English Language Club.

 Prepare a graduate who is able to develop himself and his society as well as communicate with other cultures and civilizations while keeping a sense of pride in himself, in his principles and in his independent identity


The Department of English Language/Applied Linguistics seeks to become an academic entity offering distinctive academic quality characterized by elevated intellect, knowledge, and culture, tries to be a nationally distinguished institution of higher education, supporting sustainable development in the region, and helps to advance a knowledge-based society.


To promote the intellectual environment and educational quality in the Department of English Language/Applied Linguistics through academic programs and extracurricular activities designed to develop linguistic, literary and research skills and to encourage critical, humanitarian, and creative thinking as well as elevating cultural perceptions and aesthetic tastes.