Department of Law is one of the main pillars of College of Administration and Humanities. It is one of the oldest departments in the College. It was previously called (Department of Sharia and Law). The Department also grants students a bachelor’s degree in law. It includes distinguished faculty members who specialize in the field of law in all its branches. All faculty members work hard to achieve excellence in performance in line with the mission of the Department, and the vision of the College and the University. The Department staff pay great attention to scientific innovation and the dissemination of research. They also seek, through Department vision, to provide the labor market and society with specialized and distinguished human cadres in the field of law. In conclusion, we ask Allah Almighty to help us succeed in our mission.

Department of Law, College of Administration and Humanities, Mustaqbal University, aims to achieve a set of goals as follows:

  • Providing students with Sharia sciences, national regulations and international laws
  •   Qualifying graduates to become cadres able to take on tasks related to the judicial and legal environment
  • Meeting the needs of the national community in the field of judiciary, prosecution and advocacy
  •  Upgrading the quality and professional standards of personnel in the legal field by holding training courses and legal seminar
  •  Supporting students and developing their research and reading skills, qualifying them to complete postgraduate studies
  •  Fostering the values of moderation among students
  • Spreading awareness of rights and regulations among individuals and various social institutions


National Excellence in teaching rights and providing legal advice in accordance with the highest quality standards.


Preparing legally distinguished national cadres capable of competing in the labour market, and providing advisory and research services to meet the requirements of society.