Mustaqbal University commemorated the inaugural Foundation Day of the Saudi State

Mustaqbal University commemorated the anniversary of the establishment of the first Saudi state with a celebration filled with pride and honor. The event, sponsored by the university’s president, was attended by university leaders, staff, and students, showcasing the spirit of patriotism and belonging. The university was decorated with the colors of the Saudi flag on this special day, reminding everyone of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s profound history and cultural heritage.

On the morning of the celebration day, a poetic event was hosted, brightened by the poet Mr. Mubarak Abdullah Al-Muhaimid with his patriotic verses honoring the love for the country. Also, a number of students contributed with their patriotic poems, injecting energy and enthusiasm into the event.

On this occasion, the university welcomed businessman Mr. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, who delivered an inspiring speech highlighting the important role students play in driving progress and development in the country. The speaker emphasized the significance of maintaining national accomplishments, highlighting the crucial role of youth in advancing progress and achieving the country’s future goals. Al-Tuwaijri encouraged students to fully utilize their resources and abilities to actively contribute to the progress and success of their community.

Furthermore, the event featured a cultural competition that showcased the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the goal of increasing understanding of its diverse heritage.

At the conclusion of the event, the university president shared immense pride and respect for the rich history of Saudi Arabia, spanning over three centuries. He commended its accomplishments and glories, emphasizing the strong unity between the leadership and the citizens as a pillar of strength and stability for the nation. He ended his address with a prayer for Allah to continue blessing the country with security and safety, safeguard its wise leadership and precious people, and shield the nation from all harm.


Mustaqbal University Organized a Workshop Titled “Pathways to Obtaining a Law License”

Mustaqbal University, represented the Student Affairs and Alumni Management and the Law Club at the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, hosted a workshop titled “Pathways to Obtaining a Law License.” The workshop was conducted by Mr. Abdullah Issa Al Mutaroudi, a renowned lawyer and arbitrator. The workshop, which was graced by the presence of the College’s Dean, Dr. Ahmad Saleh Altwaijri, garnered significant interest from students of the Law Department, with approximately 100 male and female students taking part.

At the workshop, students gained insights into different aspects of the legal field, from the essential criteria for becoming a licensed attorney to the current job market dynamics for lawyers. The workshop highlighted both the advantages and disadvantages of this field, giving students a thorough understanding to assist them in making well-informed decisions regarding their career choices.

Furthermore, Mr. Al Mutaroudi highlighted strategies for entering the job market and securing employment in top law firms, stressing the significance of networking and hands-on training. Afterwards, students were given the opportunity to participate in a question-and-answer session with Mr. Al Mutaroudi, where they could ask specific questions and receive detailed answers. This direct engagement enhanced the workshop and helped improve students’ comprehension of the subject.

Dr. Ahmad Saleh Altwaijri recognized Mr. Abdullah Al Mutaroudi at the conclusion of the workshop for his significant contributions in enhancing students’ understanding and leading them towards success in the legal field. This academic endeavor highlights Mustaqbal University’s dedication to offering ongoing learning opportunities and career advancement for its students.


Mustaqbal University participated in the third Qassim Youth Empowerment Forum (MY CHANCE)

In a step aimed at enhancing community participation, promoting employment opportunities, and entrepreneurship, Mustaqbal University participated in the third edition of the “MY CHANCE” forum. The event took place at King Khalid Cultural Center in Buraidah from 19th to 21st / 7 / 1445 AH. The university’s booth featured an exhibition introducing academic programs and the application process, as well as introducing the community services provided by the university. During the forum, the university conducted a workshop titled “Creating a Competitive Advantage for Yourself and Your Project,” presented by Dr. Ahmad Saleh Altwaijri. The workshop aimed to introduce the concept of competitive advantage and its importance in enhancing competitiveness, as well as strategies for achieving competitive advantage and achieving sustainability and success in the market. At the end of the forum, Dr. Altwaijri received a gift from the Executive Director of “MY CHANCE” forum, in recognition of the university’s  participation in the event

Mustaqbal University’s Student Advisory Council convenes for its routine session for the academic year 1445…

To empower and engage students in decision-making and address their needs, the Student Advisory Council at Mustaqbal University gathered under the leadership of the University President, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Alshitawi. The Council’s Vice President, Dr. Ahmad Saleh Altwaijri, and its Secretary, Mr. Osama Abdul Karim Ghaleb, were present at the meeting, along with council members: Ammar Mohammed Almuhaimid, Abdullah Mohammed Alomari, Abdullah Suleiman Almuhaimid, Gina Abdulmohsen Almutlaq, Reema Yousuf Altuwaijri, Amal Saleh Almuhanna, and Reema Abdulrahman Alrakbi. The council addressed various student-related issues and put forward suggestions to improve the university environment, enhance education quality, and empower students.

Mustaqbal University organized a workshop titled “Simulating a Criminal Case and Analyzing it Linguistically.”

{For the purpose of bridging the gap between theory and practice, as well as providing students with training on how to construct investigations and analyze cases, the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, which is represented by the Department of Law, organized a workshop with the title “Simulating a Criminal Case and Analyzing it Linguistically.” This workshop was held in accordance with the vision and mission of Mustaqbal University. The workshop was given by Dr. Jamal Jarallah Algaboubi, and it was attended by a number of students.

Mustaqbal University, in partnership with the Labor Office in Buraidah, hosted a gathering to discuss the Kingdom’s initiatives in addressing human trafficking offenses.

An event at Mustaqbal University highlighted the Kingdom’s efforts in addressing human trafficking crimes, with a delegation from the Labor Office in Buraidah meeting with students from the Department of Law at the College of Administrative and Human Sciences.
The meeting is focused on enhancing the collaboration between the university and the office, as well as facilitating connections between students and the labor market. The meeting was attended by Dr. Ahmad Saleh Altwaijri, the Dean of the College, Mr. Abdulrahman Aldakhilallah, the Director of the Labor Office, and a number of college staff, along with approximately 120 male and female students.


As part of the Entrepreneurship Week activities at Mustaqbal University, the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, in collaboration with the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf), presented a discussion titled “The Role of the Human Resources Development Fund in Supporting Entrepreneurs.”

Coinciding with Global Entrepreneurship Week and as part of Mustaqbal University’s Entrepreneurship Week activities, the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, in collaboration with the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf), held a meeting titled The Role of the Human Resources Development Fund in Supporting Entrepreneurs. This ceremony was held on Tuesday, April 30, 1445 AH, and was delivered by Mr. Khalid Faisal Nahit in front of 125 beneficiaries.

Mustaqbal University commemorates World Accountancy Day by celebrating its accounting students.

In conjunction with World Accountancy Day, Mustaqbal University, represented by the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, collaborated with the Saudi Organization for Accountants and Auditors to organized a number of scientific activities and events in the field of accounting through the college’s Business Management Club, which were attended by 168 university students and community members. Dr. Ahmad Saleh Altwaijri, Dean of the College, began by welcoming the attendees and emphasizing the importance of participating in international scientific days, as well as affirming that such activities contribute to the university’s efforts to improve the quality of its graduates, allowing them to compete in the job market.
Mr. Ali Alothaim then delivered a speech about job prospects and current trends in the accounting job market. Then, Mr. Raed Alotaibi discussed professional accounting credentials and their usefulness in increasing work chances. Finally, Mr. Osama Ghalib organized many accounting events in which attendees competed, with valuable prizes handed to the top three winners.

On World Quality Day, Mustaqbal University, represented by the College of Administrative and Human Sciences organized a seminar titled “Quality: A Lifestyle and Mastery of Work.”

– The concept of quality.
– The benefits of establishing quality.
– Quality and personal development.
– Change the leadership.

Forty beneficiaries attended the seminar, and at the end, they were given the opportunity to contribute and ask questions.

As part of the Entrepreneurship Week activities at Mustaqbal University, the College of Administrative and Human Sciences held a workshop titled: How to Prepare a Resume.

Coinciding with Global Entrepreneurship Week and as part of Mustaqbal University’s Entrepreneurship Week activities, the College of Administrative and Human Sciences hosted a virtual workshop titled “How to Prepare a Resume” on Monday, 29/4/ 1445 AH. Dr. Deepika Nelson presented the workshop, which addressed the following topics:
1. Define the meaning of a resume.
2. The motive for writing it.
3. How to write it.
4. How to display and promote yourself.
5. What employers look for in resumes.
6. Familiarity with resume templates.
The workshop was attended by 50 beneficiaries.