The beginning of the educational process in College of Administration and Humanities dates back to the 1426/1427 AH academic year. The College currently includes three academic departments: Law, English, and Business Administration, with a total number of more than 800 students. The College has also recently started establishing Department of Sports and Movement Science; it is a promising department.

     Department of Law, previously called (Department of Sharia and Law), is one of the oldest academic departments in the College. The department has a developed study plan, keeping pace with the latest issues in the legal and Sharia field; in order to graduate distinguished cadres who have the qualities of creativity, criticism and analysis in the legal and Sharia field, capable of community participation. English Department awards students Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics. The undergraduate study plan also includes courses aimed, at the first levels, to enhance students’ listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, while specialization courses, at advanced levels, provide students with academic knowledge in theoretical and applied linguistics. Then Department of Business Administration came to light with its specific tracks during the 1439/1440 AH academic yea; in an effort to provide a distinctive educational service, according to the needs of society, and to prepare qualified and distinguished national cadres in the field of business administration.


  •  Provide excellence and quality in education
  •  Preparing scientifically qualified graduates, with sufficient skills to participate in the labor market
  •  Continuous improvement in the quality of the educational process
  •  Raising the efficiency of the teaching staff professionally
  • Supporting research output for faculty and students
  •  Developing cognitive, cultural, physical and religious abilities of college students by making the necessary plans for extracurricular activities


  • Quality: We are committed to mastering inputs, processes, and outputs
  • Honesty: We carry out our work with dedication and sincerity in line with professional ethics
  • Transparency: We are committed to the highest levels of disclosure, integrity, and accountability within the framework of institutional governance
  • Teamwork: We do our work as one team
  • Innovation: We promote creative thinking, creative spirit, in thought and outcomes
  • Continuing education: We support education and continuous development inside and outside the university
  • Development: We believe in the need for improvement in all areas and at all levels


Nationally Educational excellence, to prepare competent persons who meet the needs of society.


Preparing professionally qualified and distinguished cadres, able to compete, equipped with skills, knowledge and competencies that meet the requirements of society.

     In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

    Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the most honorable of the prophets and messengers, our Prophet Muhammad, upon him be the best of prayers:

      It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the e-portal of College of Administration and Humanities, Mustaqbal University. This e-portal provides information about the programs of the college departments and their academic and administrative units. We are pleased to provide the most important news, services, events and activities implemented by the college.

    College of Administration and Humanities includes three academic departments: Law, English, and Business Administration with its specific tracks, with more than 800 students. The College, via its vision, mission, and strategic plan, seeks to to open other academic programs that will be announced during the coming period. The College has set the goal of improving overall performance by controlling quality processes in all its affairs, and paying more attention to raising the professional aspects of its students and faculty members alike.

    We try to make this e-portal a window to communicate with all beneficiaries, students, employees, and society. We ask Allah to guide us all.

Dr. Ahmed S. ALTWAIJRI Dean's word

Organizational Structure