Academic Affairs Department seeks to provide a supportive learning environment that stimulates creativity and excellence; to achieve the highest quality standards in university education. This role is prominent in developing curricula and study plans, introducing academic programs, and supporting and encouraging various university activities. This is done in line with the university’s mission and goals, achieving its vision inspired by the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.

Academic Affairs Duties

  •      Following up with units affiliated with academic affairs.
  •      Follow up with preparing study schedules for faculty and students.
  •      Following up on updating study schedules during the registration process to solve related problems.
  •     Coordination with the university’s Admission and Registration Department to solve student problems.
  •     Supervising requests for re-enrollment to study, as well as requests to apologize and postpone the study.
  •     Follow-up of deprivation lists.    Guiding new students and solving any problems related to academic achievement and the like.
  •    Following up with the academic performance of students in the college.
  •     Following up on academic committees affiliated with academic affairs.
  •  Coordination with other colleges, at the university, regarding common subjects.