Introductory Profile

The commencement of the educational process in the College of Administration and Humanities dates back to the 1426/1427 AH academic year. The College currently consists of three academic departments: Law, English, and Business Administration, with a total number of more than 800 students. The College has also recently started establishing the Department of Sports and Kinesiology; it is a promising department. Department of Law, previously called (Department of Sharia and Law), is the earliest academic department established in the College. The department has a developed study plan, keeping pace with the latest issues in the legal and Sharia field; in order to graduate distinguished cadres who have the qualities of creativity, criticism and analysis in the legal and Sharia field, capable of community participation. English Department awards students Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics. The undergraduate study plan also includes courses aimed, at the first levels, to enhance students’ listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, while specialization courses, at advanced levels, provide students with academic knowledge in theoretical and applied linguistics. Then Department of Business Administration came to light with its specific tracks during the 1439/1440 AH academic year; in an effort to provide a distinctive educational service, according to the needs of society, and to prepare qualified and distinguished national cadres in the field of business administration.


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