Mustaqbal University, represented by the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, arranged a field trip for Law Department students to the Buraidah Labor Office.

In accordance with the Mustaqbal University’s goal and vision, the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, represented by the Law Department, scheduled a field trip for a group of sixth-grade students to Buraidah’s Labor Office. They were accompanied by Dr. Ahmad Saleh Altwaijri, Dean of the College, and Dr. Alhassan Ahmad Abkas, Head of the Law Department. This tour is part of a series of field trips designed to help students connect their theoretical knowledge to practical, field-based applications. During the tour, the students were given in-depth explanations of the Labor Office’s functions and mechanisms in resolving labor disputes, as well as the processes they go through from the time they are registered until they are resolved peacefully or referred to the labor court.

During the visit, the students learned about the importance of alternative methods of resolving labor disputes, as well as the critical role the office plays in resolving these types of disputes (since 90% of cases are resolved through these means of conciliation and settlement before reaching court). At the conclusion of the tour, there was an opportunity to address the students’ questions, which were all about various aspects of labor disputes. The students expressed their pleasure at the visit. On the sidelines of the visit, the Dean of the College and the Head of the Law Department met with the Office Manager and his assistants to discuss ways to establish a partnership between the university and the Labor Office in terms of training, exchange visits, and event and workshop organization. Both sides emphasized their willingness to begin setting solid foundations for developing and expanding the bridges of this collaboration, which stems from the university’s keen interest in marketing its students and linking them with the job market in order to accomplish its ambitious objective.