Mustaqbal University, represented by the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, organized a scientific seminar on Oral Presentation Skills.

In the context of Mustaqbal University’s efforts to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, and in execution of the university’s mission and programs, the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, represented by the English Department, in collaboration with the Skills and Capabilities Development Unit and the Student Activities Committee, held a lecture titled (Oral Presentation Skills), presented by Mohammad Nadeem. The presentation covered a variety of themes, including:

– Explain the purpose of the presentation.
– Overcome fear and capture the audience’s attention.
– Engage with the audience.
– The quality of the information offered.
– How to end the presentation.

The program was attended by roughly 30 university students, and at the conclusion of the lecture, a question and answer session was held to address any concerns.