Mustaqbal University, represented by the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, launched Entrepreneurship Week events to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The university’s Entrepreneurship Week activities began on the same day as Global Entrepreneurship Week, under the patronage of the President of Mustaqbal University, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Alshitawi, and in the presence of the Dean of the College of Administrative and Human Sciences Dr. Ahmad Saleh Altwaijri. The Business Management Department, in partnership with the Capacity and Skills Development Unit, offered a training course titled “A Guide for Entrepreneurs in Import and Export,” which was attended by roughly 200 university students and community members. The course included the following topics:
The First Axis: Understanding Entrepreneurship and Who Is an Entrepreneur?
– Opportunities and Challenges of Entrepreneurship.
– Benefits gained by entrepreneurs.
– The social impact of entrepreneurship.

Second Axis: Practical Procedures for Import/Export (including Case Studies)
– Import and export procedures before to and during shipment.
– Pricing, payment, and delivery systems adhere to international procedural norms INCOTERMS2010 and SWIST.
– Terms of the commercial process.
– Documents required for shipping purposes.

Third Axis: How entrepreneurs might capitalize on chances for import and/or export following Saudi Arabia’s membership in the BRICS+ organization.
– Future opportunities for this collaboration.

At the conclusion of the training, the floor was opened for attendees to ask and get answers.