Mustaqbal University, represented by the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, arranged a field trip to the Commercial Court in Buraidah for Law Department students.

A group of fourth-year law students from the College of Administrative and Human Sciences, accompanied by Dr. Alhassan Abkas, visited the Commercial Court in Buraidah to connect the educational process with fieldwork and achieve the goals of the Mustaqbal University and its academic programs. During the visit, the students learned about the Commercial Court’s jurisdictions and received explanations about the procedures and stages of handling commercial lawsuits until a judgment was issued, as well as the relationship between commercial judiciary and commercial arbitration. The visit also included a tour of the Ministry of Justice’s electronic platforms for commercial affairs. At the conclusion of the visit, Dr. Abkas expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Commercial Court staff for arranging this visit for the students, who also expressed their gratitude and the extent of the benefits they gained from this visit, which will, Allah willing, enhance and increase their practical skills and abilities.